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The Leungs are in Virginia!


What a change in climate from Israel! We have only been here a short time, but it has already snowed twice in Virginia Beach!

We first went to Argentina (see below), and then visited family in Florida where the weather was still warm.

We then made the drive to Atlanta to visit friends for the new years and experienced our first cold!

Stopping in High Point, North Carolina, Stephanie managed to buy our Master bedroom furniture along with and entertainment center in the Furniture Capital of America.

Our "new" mailing address here in Virginia is:

The Leungs  
4317 Foreman Trail  
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 965-8328
Home Telephone
(757) 343-5309
Stephanie's Cell Phone
(703) 585-6441
Victor's Cell Phone

You can also contact us by email.


News of the Family

Cutie PieIt has been awhile since we've updated this page, drop us a line. And if you would like to help me in updating this part and HTML skills (or not) please letme know!

The previous mystery picture was of Inge Kessler in Germany before the WWII.

Who is this young man? Send us your answer!

Happy Guy!Do you recognize this guy?
He ain't so little any more! Weighing in at 19 pounds, Mr. Tim has given his father some larger biceps as he loves to be held. Often called "Michelin Man" for his rolls and rolls of fat, Mr. Timothy will be losing it soon as he has started crawling! Just in time to test his two new front teeth. More pictures on his home page.

birthday girlHappy Birthday Nicole!
So we were only 3 -1/2 months late with her 3rd birthday party! But at least she had a good one! Of course we all know that birthday parties for the young ones are more for the adults than the kids! Check out the pics on her site.

Huh?Guess who's published?
Samantha has just co-published her first book, "Nate the Great and the Missing Pancake"! So she's been a little busy at school ... and after school. Check out what Sam's been up to over the last few months since our last update. or go straight to the book.


Getting ready for war?Steph looking to the Next Assignment
During a recent Naval Intelligence Administrative Board, Stephanie was selected to return to sea. Even though she is a little half way through her tour here in Israel, she is already starting to look for the next assignment. Will the Leung's be moving to a neighborhood near you? For more information check out her page. And why is she in Army gear?

Mr. Mom
It must be the new Millennium because this guy is staying at home! Learning a different kind of commute and finally enjoying the kids during daylight hours. And don't forget to mention the other "benefits".


Grand Parents and God Parents virtual visit
Just because we live half a world away doesn't mean you can't visit. We've got recommended stuff to buy and need some links

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Dear Friends,
3 April 2004

All good things must come to an end and it is now time for the Leungs to leave. Stephanie and I are very sad to leave Israel. Living here has been an incredible experience for us and we are intimately connected to this land.

Samantha has done well and learned more about her Jewish background then she could have ever experienced in the U.S.

Nicole is speaking Hebrew as her primary language and is totally Israeli in nature.

Timothy (Sabra) now has clan in Israel.

Stephanie has had the most professionally challenging and rewarding experience in her career.

For me, I have never seen such a country where everyone is so passionate about life. As I was telling our friends the other night, there is art every 100 meters, here, and the music is reflects the passion of the people here.

Despite what you may read in the paper or see on the news, Israel is a wonderful country. Like other countries is has more than it's share of difficulties, but, the people here are managing well.

For the Leungs, we will have to adapt to another change in life. This will be our first "return" tour as a family as we move back to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.

Once we get back to Virginia, we will have to decide if I should get a job. As Steph will be going to sea, it might not be advantageous for me with the kids at this time. However I do need to update my resume.

Since I'm so old, should I go with a Functional Resume vice a Chronological one? Should I leave out graduation dates so people can't tell how old I am?

Time to pack-up the computer now. Hopefully, the next time I update this page will be in January 2004, when we return to the U.S.


Vic, Steph, Sam, Nicole, Timothy, and Cinnamon


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